Autumn Rae Aleksandria

Beautiful and shy.*


Height follows age, She is the third born, and shorter than both her older siblings, but taller than her youngest. She has long flowing white hair like her mother, with deep blue eyes with hues as varied as the depths of the sea. Her skin is pale except for her pink cheeks that seem to have an almost permanent shy blush to them. Despite her quiet nature and looks, her smile is never far from her face.



Autumn Rae is the quietest of the four children, though not the youngest (She is the third born.) She likes to help out her parents around the house and enjoys doing chores to help out. She often is the peace-keeper in the household, as her two older siblings go at it often, a job she doesn’t enjoy, but feels it’s necessary. She loves everyone and everything almost unconditionally, unnaturally trusting and somewhat naive. Her heart is always open to others, and she finds it easy to make friends when they are able to hear her quiet voice, which often is drowned out by her siblings who are both louder and more forceful. She loves the nature in which she has always been surrounded by, preferring to go barefoot to feel the cool earth beneath her feet, yet somehow is able to keep her feet clean.

Autumn Rae Aleksandria

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